Time is free

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back. Harvey MacKay

Spend your time wisely

I came across this quote which has a message worth considering: When you’re lying on your death bed, you won’t wish you spent more hours in the office.Robin Sharma This was originally posted at Forty Plus Two, another blog of mine.

Goals, guidelines and keywords

Chris Brogan writes about Your 3 Goals for 2009. He boils it down to three keywords. Try setting your three words far out on the horizon, but such that they can lead you to your goals every day. Meaning, can you use the same word to get you started, but have it still be relevant... Continue Reading →

My Best Year Yet 2009

I have been working with the book Your Best Year Yet - The 10 questions that will change your life forever and figured I should put my result on my blog. Two reasons for that, putting pressure on myself and hopefully to inspire others to work with that book. My guidelines • Trust my heart... Continue Reading →

What about my 2008?

It is that time of the year when we look back at the past year and start thinking about the next. In Turning 2008 into 80-20 I listed what I intended to focus on during 2008: • In fall 2007 I finished a course and became a professional coach. Coaching is my baby for 2008... Continue Reading →

Your Best Year Yet

This review is about Your Best Year Yet - The 10 questions that will change your life forever, written by Jinny Ditzler. I came across this book since it should be the topic for a breakfast seminar at CoachCompanion. The book felt right and I ordered the book at once, before being at the seminar.... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Howl

As I mention in Lightworker I woke up one morning and had two words ringing in my head. The first one, ochoa, is Basque and means wolf. That did not ring any bell back then but today it makes sense. I came across Finding Your Howl over at ChangeThis. To find our howl we have... Continue Reading →

Turning 2008 into 80-20

I know we are in the middle of December but with holidays coming up there are not that many workdays left of 2007. Which means I take a shoot at what I intend to do next year, and how. Chris Garrett posted about The 80/20 Rule of Effort. It is about summing up 2007 and... Continue Reading →

Guru or Google?

This is an image that I found over at bLaugh. Whether Google has the answer or not I do not know. I would anyway prefer a conversation with a guru. This was originally posted at another (now extinct) blog of mine.

Life and baseball

Baseball does have some similarities to life. In life or baseball you have to do similar things to win. 1. You have to play the game. Philosophizing about it on the sidelines doesn’t accomplish anything. 2. You have to take your foot off first base and risk being thrown out to advance. 3. Swing away!... Continue Reading →

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