My name is Bengt Wendel, I live and work in the southern part of Sweden.

I’m inquisitive, open minded, and love life. Enjoy reading about topics such as leadership, NLP, coaching, mentoring, creativity as well as business oriented books.

I’m very interested in personal development, my own as well as others. Whether we call it finding ourselves or creating ourselves does not matter, it’s all about change.

Like many I’m on a spiritual journey. I’m interested in Eastern philosophies like Zen, Tao and Buddhism.

I am a professional mentor and coach.

My work in IT.

I have worked for decades in the IT industry, in different roles. The last ten years my focus and interest shifted from software to people. That shift led to the coaching course and starting GRS mentor.

I started working with IT in 1971, ten years before the birth of the PC (personal computer) and twenty years before the birth of the internet (to the public). I have seen the evolution of computing from inside the business. This means I have 35+ years of experience which I combine with a living interest in IT and its practical use. I have 11 years of self employment as an entrepreneur, the rest of those years are as employed.