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Otium cum dignitate

Otium cum dignitate (Leisure with dignity) is how Cicero advised the honest person to live. It describes a way of life for the ancient Roman elite: one should always work hard, and if one takes leisure, it should be a dignified activity, something that improves the mind such as reading and studying.

Year End: On growing older

I came across an interesting post, Year End: On growing older. This is what hooked me:

Focusing on the inevitable, unending march toward death could be seen as depressing, sure. I find it powerful, though, to accept that there will be an end and that until then, we do what we can, learn what we can, surround ourselves with people and things we love, and we keep going while we have that ability to do so. It’s a gift to be here, and it feels good to try each day to make the most of it.