Andante, Andante – Mamma Mia

I saw "Mamma Mia! Here we go again!" the other day and this song stuck in my mind. Video: Andante, Andante - Mamma Mia Watch the video below or at Youtube Andante, Andante Lyrics Take it easy with me, please Touch me gently like a summer evening breeze Take your time, make it slow Andante,... Continue Reading →

11th arrondissement of Paris

Some (to me) interesting facts from Wikipedia about the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The 11th arrondissement of Paris (XIe arrondissement) is one of the 20 arrondissements of the capital city of France. In spoken French, this arrondissement is referred to as onzième. The arrondissement, called Popincourt, is situated on the right bank of the River... Continue Reading →

Privacy settings. Say no to defaults

Washington Post has an excellent artice about fixing your privacy settings to what YOU want, not what the service want. The intro says it all: "Say no to defaults. A clickable guide to fixing the complicated privacy settings from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple." Hands off my data! 15 default privacy settings you should... Continue Reading →

4-7-8 Breathing: Health Benefits & Demonstration

Breathing properly is important. Changing how we breathe affect us. Breathing practice is common in yoga and can be used in meditation and to calm us down. According to Dr Weil 4-7-8 Breathing has many benefits. This eight minute video has both information and demonstration. 4-7-8 Breathing: Health Benefits & Demonstration. There are two more... Continue Reading →

Chocolate math

Teacher: If you have 10 chocolate cakes and someone asks for 2, how many do you have left? Student: 10 Teacher: Okay, well what if someone forcibly takes two of the cakes, how many would you have left then? Student: 10 and a dead body

Acts of kindness create ripples

This story is about a man who wants to pay tribute to a stranger's good deed that moved him decades ago. Watch the video below or at Ripple or at YouTube Ripple - To The Good Samaritans In Our Lives. An Act Of Kindness Can Make Someone's Day. For Him, It Lasts A Lifetime

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