My sites and profiles

My sites

This site is my personal hub and blog in English. My personal site in Swedish is at Bengts noteringar.

Leap! is about change, growth, inspiration and related topics.

My business has two sites, GRS mentor (English) and GRS mentor (svenska).

You Don’t Call Me – I Call You was the result of me reading about a specific business card.


I’m on Facebook as Bengt @ Facebook. This one is a personal profile, I’m selective about who I accept as friend there. I want my Facebook friends to be people I interact with on- or offline.

I have created Bengt Wendel – public on Facebook which as the name says is a public page. This is where I share things that I don’t mind others share too.

There’s also GRS mentor @ Facebook that’s rarely used.


I have a public profile at BengtWendel.

I also have ChocolateLiqourice with a focus on Chocolate and Liqourice.

Other social media

I’m Bengt @ Pinterest, I love the concept of images (with or without text) to create emotions and thoughts.

I am back on Twitter as Bengt @ Twitter. When I deleted my old account I lost my followers, I’m starting again from scratch.

I was on Google+ but I stopped using it.


I am on LinkedIn, Bengt @ LinkedIn. If you want to connect there, please personalize the invitation so I know why you want to connect with me.

I was active on Xing, a mostly German business network, for several years. Then my interest faded away and I deleted my account.

Photo sites

I tested SmugMug, a terrific photo site.

I’m Bengt @ Flickr but it’s irregular.

Social media I am testing

I have a blog on Tumblr, Bits and pieces. It’s a test, I’m curious about how Tumblr fits into my media outlets.

I was active as Bengt @ Foursquare but stopped using the app.

Last update: September 10, 2017.