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Learn from why Mashable rules the social media

Marko Saric at HowToMakeMyBlog writes about 9 reasons why Mashable rules the social media. It’s a great post since it list and explains nine reasons which gives you a chance to see what might work for you and your blog.

Under reason eight it says:

There is original reporting and there is curation, which is just as hard, saying, “This is what’s out there, this is why it is important.” Both have their places, and it’s not a case of either or.

I like the curation, like to share what I find and try to say why I think it’s important.

How Twitter is Changing the World of Professional Poker

TwitterReadWriteWeb has an interesting article about How Twitter is Changing the World of Professional Poker. Professional poker players are using Twitter during tournaments, commenting on the game as well as providing information about themselves and their intensions. But just as in the game of poker they might be bluffing.

The article mentions PokerRoad as a site that uses information from Twitter.

As example of a professional poker player that uses Twitter they mention Doyle Brunson, @TexDolly. There are more professional poker players on Twitter, like Gus Hansen @gus_hansen.

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