It is that time of the year when we look back at the past year and start thinking about the next. In Turning 2008 into 80-20 I listed what I intended to focus on during 2008:
• In fall 2007 I finished a course and became a professional coach. Coaching is my baby for 2008 and where most of my efforts will be focused.
• I will set off time for my blogging efforts with the intention to post regularly at my three main blogs. The fourth one, doodling, is for fun and requires no set schedule.
• On a more personal level I intend to enjoy life, be in the here and now.

I would say I have managed 2.5 out of three. Number one and number three are related since I love working as a coach, it makes me enjoy life and what I do. During the year I have invested more time in practizing yoga and mindfulness. I am pleased with the result on those two. My blogging has been going up and down, I will probably have to reconsider that issue for 2009.

I have decided to walk my talk and that will definately affect my plans for 2009. Plans are currently in the works, I am using the book Your Best Year Yet as a toolbox for that. To make things happen next year I intend to use The Manifestation Wheel which is an interesting concept.

This was originally posted at Forty Plus Two, another blog of mine.