As I mention in Lightworker I woke up one morning and had two words ringing in my head. The first one, ochoa, is Basque and means wolf. That did not ring any bell back then but today it makes sense. I came across Finding Your Howl over at ChangeThis.

To find our howl we have to pay a price… This process may feel like a death and may at its most intense terrify us and at its least unsettle us. This is the price of finding our howl, our own one of a kind authentic voice, and there is no way around it…

The only way out of our self-erected prison is to go through it completely. There is no quick escape, every square inch of our imprisonment must be touched and lived through before it can be abandoned.

About a week ago I had the phrase “Find my voice” spinning in my head. Like many I am searching for my authentic voice, my own howl. We hope it will be easy but as the e-book, says, it comes with a price.

This was originally posted at Zen And More, another blog of mine.