Goals, guidelines and keywords

Chris Brogan writes about Your 3 Goals for 2009. He boils it down to three keywords.

Try setting your three words far out on the horizon, but such that they can lead you to your goals every day. Meaning, can you use the same word to get you started, but have it still be relevant when you’re almost at the big goal?

I admit that at first I thought that having only three words would be a limitation but I have changed my mind. Boiling it down to a few words makes me flexible and agile, it is easy to check new things and ideas against those words.

  • If it matches all my keywords – go for it.
  • If it matches none of my keywords – drop it.
  • If it matches some of my keywords – can it be modified (with reasonable effort) to match all my keywords then go for it, otherwise drop it.

I posted My Best Year Yet 2009 which is my guidelines and goals for 2009. My keywords shall contain the essence of my guidelines and goals for 2009 but also be in line with my inner compass and life purpose. I picked these keywords:

  • Trust covers “trust my inner voice”, build trust and be trustworthy.
  • Connect goes outwards (connect to more people in real life and virtually, be visible and valuable) as well as inwards (connect to my inner self).
  • Grow covers grow my business, see Key Coaching, and grow as a person. It includes Learn and Share. I am a life long learner, sharing knowledge and ideas is fun.

It feels as if these three key words are based on my inner values and will last for more than just 2009.

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  1. Nick

    Looks like I just caught up to you. My lessons from this week were just that: Trust, Connect and Grow.

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