I have been working with the book Your Best Year Yet – The 10 questions that will change your life forever and figured I should put my result on my blog. Two reasons for that, putting pressure on myself and hopefully to inspire others to work with that book.

My guidelines

• Trust my heart and inner truth.
• Face the music!
• Do what I love.

New paradigm.

I create my own destiny.

Major focus.

My own business, with focus on coaching.

My top ten goals.

  1. Care for my mind – body – spirit.
  2. Be visible and valuable.
  3. Build a profitable business.
  4. Build friendships.
  5. Network locally – with a purpose, in real life.
  6. Create and follow a blogging schedule.
  7. Network virtually – with a purpose.
  8. Become a certified coach.
  9. Maintain and rebuild family connections.
  10. Be flexible!

I put taking good care of myself as goal one simply since if I am not well then everything else will falter too.

Credit: Photo by JoF.

This was originally posted at Forty Plus Two, another blog of mine.