Last year I did post My Best Year Yet 2009 based on the book Your Best Year Yet which describes a great way of working with your plans and evaluation. This year I create a different kind of post, showing where my inspiration comes from in different areas of my process to get ready for 2010.

Simplicity and letting go

Write to Done has a post about Are You drowning in Interesting-Things-to-Read-on-the-Net? Here’s how to cope.

My entire life is flagged-for-follow-up. I’m one big backlog of informative material waiting to be attended to. I hang onto articles because I’m scared of what will happen if I need them one day, and they’re not there. This fear binds me to my stuff. Like many people, I buffer myself with my just-in-cases, instead of flying naked, instead of seeing what will happen if I head out into the clamber armed with just my inner-resourcefulness.

Sarah writes in a comment: 2010 is all about letting go!!! That’s part of my plans for 2010, let go of everything that does not really matter. Simplicity rules.

Ditch or follow through

On a similar note Men With Pens writes about How to Accomplish Your Dreams, this piece of advice is great:

Ditch any idea, dream or goal if you know you’ll never follow through. Go on. Chuck it. Be realistic and save brain space. Free your mind for what you will work on, right here, right now. Quit making yourself feel guilty about all those plans that’ll never come to life. Decide once and for all to let go of the dream.

Jedi Master Yoda says “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.'” Things to do ‘later’ or to ‘try’ are of little use to us. I intend to prune my lists and focus on what takes me where I want to go.

The horizon of opportunity

I came across Today is the day and what really stuck with me is this:

Today is the day that I see in fresh ways that the horizon of opportunity is 360 degrees

A milestone for me last year was my presentation at Øredev 2009. It was not in my plans but it’s a major achievement for me. During 2010 I’ll be even more open to what comes my way.

Key words

Chris Brogan has picked his 3 Words for 2010. In Oh The Places You Will Go Jonathan Fields lists his 10 driving keywords for 2010. I will keep my three key words that I picked for 2009 since I feel that they still are important to me. In no specific order they are:
Trust means to trust my inner voice, to build trust and to be trustworthy.
Connect goes outwards (connect to more people in real life and virtually, be visible and valuable) as well as inwards (connect to my inner self).
Grow covers to grow my business and to grow as person. It includes to learn and share. I am a life long learner, sharing knowledge and ideas is fun.
My key words work well as corners in a triangle, they complete each other and none is more important than the other. These key words make me agile, it is easy to check new things and ideas against those words.

Ganesha symbolism

A year ago I got a small statue of Ganesh or Ganesha, the Hindu Elephant-Deity. He is also called Ganapati (leader of people), Buddhividhata (god of knowledge) or Vighnahara (god to remove obstacles). I like the Ganesha symbolism,there are some that suits as reminders of my intentions and goals.
Big head – think big.
Small eyes – concentrate.
Rope – to pull you nearer to your highest goal.
Trunk – high efficiency and adaptability.
One tusk – retain good, throw away bad.


In My Best Year Yet 2009 I did list my top ten goals. This year I have cut it down to top three. In no specific order they are:

  • Build a profitable and sustainable business.
  • Network with a purpose, in real life and virtually.
  • Write more, create and follow a blogging schedule.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~DaVinci

My key words (trust, connect, grow) makes it easier to stay on track and to be agile.
360 is a reminder that the horizon of opportunity is 360 degrees.

I intend to care for my mind – body – spirit because if I am not well then everything else will falter too.