LESS – Accomplishing More by Doing Less

I got a copy of LESS - Accomplishing More by Doing Less by Marc Lesser at Øredev 2009. The book is described like this: Discusses the benefits of doing less in a world that has increasingly embraced more - more desire, more activity, more things, more exhaustion. This book is about stopping, as well as … Continue reading LESS – Accomplishing More by Doing Less

Wherever you go there you are

A while back I finished a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever you go there you are - Mindfulness Mediation in Everyday Life. I love Jon's low key style. The book which consists of very short chapters, most of them only a few pages long, covers different aspects of mindfulness and meditation. There are also practices … Continue reading Wherever you go there you are

Appearances can deceive

I love this quote from The 5-minute Meditator, a book about 'spot meditations': A person in a Buddhist centre, sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed for an hour, may be completely unfocused and not meditating at all. He could be daydreaming, falling asleep or thinking about everything at random. Conversely, someone who is fully present … Continue reading Appearances can deceive

Scientists probe meditation secrets

When browsing the net about meditation I came across an article at BBC: Scientists probe meditation secrets. The article says that scientists are beginning to uncover evidence that meditation has a tangible effect on the brain. Research into the health claims made for meditation has limitations and few conclusions can be reached, partly because meditation … Continue reading Scientists probe meditation secrets

The 5-minute Meditator

I have finished a book written by Eric Harrison and titled The 5-minute Meditator, I like it a lot. It is the perfect book for people who 'have no time to meditate'. The book has about a dozen 'spot meditations' lasting from half a minute to five minutes. Short meditations are just as effective as … Continue reading The 5-minute Meditator