I had four core websites, two in English and two in Swedish. One in each language is for business, the other ones are for myself. It turned out that there was a larger overlap in topics relevant for my business and personal sites. At times I had (created) problems with where to post.

In October 2013 a new project popped up. It resulted in a new website, The Mental Leap, which is about change, growth and related topics. In addition to what The Mental leap project itself will result in over time it solved my problem with overlapping topics. From now on they will end up on the Leap site. I will also move older posts there, when I have some spare time.

My sites are these:
The Mental Leap is about change, growth and related topics.

GRS Mentor (English) and GRS Mentor (Swedish) are about my business. I’m a catalyst, change agent and more. Check them out to learn more.

Bengt’s Notes is my personal site in English while Bengt Wendel (Swedish) is my personal site in Swedish.

Those five sites on my own domains are my core online presence. In addition to them you also find me on social media, see more under My sites and profiles.