On November 2nd I attended a full day tutorial with Marc Lesser at Øredev 2009. The tutorial had the title Accomplishing More By Doing Less and the program was this:

Marc will present tools and practices for integrating mindfulness practice and emotional intelligence as a way to develop leadership ability, create more meaning in our lives, and allow for greater ease and satisfaction. This is an experiential workshop that will draw from spiritual practices (meditation, mindfulness, compassion), leadership practices (listening, innovation, focus) and creative expression (movement and writing).

I really enjoyed the tutorial, it was a great mix of old and new with exercises in the mix. There were two exercises that stand out to me, they are useful in different ways and in different contexts.

One exercise was journaling in three steps with these starting sentences:
+ What matters most to me is…
+ What gets in the way of doing what matters most to me is…
+ What supports me to do what matters most to me is…
It shall be journaling without too much thinking, write what comes up.

The other exercise was ‘the blame game’. It was describing a situation from different perspectives, first as if everything was all their fault and then as if it was all your fault. In reality it’s often somewhere in between, that was much easier to see once you had described both sides.

Marc Lesser also opened the conference with the keynote address “Accomplishing more by doing less” on Wednesday the 4th of November.

You can watch the keynote speech on Vimeo, Marc Lesser – Accomplishing More By Doing Less.

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