Marion Chapsal sent me a link to “Are You A Hero At Public Speaking And Don’t Know It?” which is an interesting story around public speaking.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because your heart is racing and your tongue swells up inside clenched jaws that you are frightened. Try clenching your toes; if you can do that you are ready for blast off. Incidentally, it isn’t the toe clenching or touching thumb against forefinger that makes the difference.. it is the fact your mind is still in control enough to remember the test. If you can remember the test in the face of your most awful fear, and pass it, then you are a hero.

Touching thumb against forefinger helps check if your mind still is in control. Another idea is to use some Mudras – Hand Gestures. The Apana Mudra is grounding, Prana Mudra gives energy while Hakini Mudra helps thinking and concentration.

The article has an advice around the microphone that’s worth remembering:

When you go to the lectern I want you to reach out and touch that microphone for just a second so you will remember its purpose is to connect you with every person out there in the congregation. You have something important to say, you want it to be heard. That microphone is your best friend.