Mula Bandha

I'm not good at Mula Bandha (root lock) and know I should practice it in order to improve. First step taken, I did a little research and food some useful posts about it. A Beginner’s Guide to Mula Bandha (Root Lock). Tone your pelvic floor and improve your meditation by practicing mula bandha (the root... Continue Reading →

The Five Tibetan Rites

When browsing through videos from Yoga Today I came across The Five Tibetan Rites. At Wikipedia the practice is described like this: First Rite: Clockwise spinning: inhale and exhale deeply as you spin. Second Rite: Inhale deeply while lifting the head and legs; exhale while lowering the head and legs. Third Rite: Inhale as the... Continue Reading →

Sat Nam

Today my yoga teacher talked about Sat Nam, an interesting topic which makes me understand why she called her website "Truth is your identity". Wikipedia said this about Sat Nam: In Sanskrit, "sat" means "truth" and "nam" means "identity". There are many differing interpretations when you put the two together - some websites have given... Continue Reading →

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