The power of pen and paper

I am a fan of using pen and paper, it is nice to see others post along the same lines. In "The Power of Analog Writing" is this part which I agree on: Putting down plans, notes, ideas, and hunches in a notebook can be a great way to help organize your mind, as well... Continue Reading →

Money for nothing

Seth Godin has published a free e-book titled 'Money for nothing (and your clicks for free)'. Quotes from his post: There's an enormous amount of superstition about what makes some pages rank high while others languish. When you look at the actual figures, though, much of that fades away. It turns out that the new... Continue Reading →

How to write well

It is a bold title but I have gathered links around this for a while and add some of my own comments along the way. Brian Clark at Copyblogger writes about Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well which actually are four of Hemingway's and one of Brian's. Rule number one, Use short sentences,... Continue Reading →

Recommendations to a blogger, part 2

Part one is Top three things I recommend a blogger. Daniel Sweet from FRACAT gives his best blogging tips: I believe personality is vitally important. There are a *lot* of places to get information on the web. Being who people *want* to get that information from is a vital differentiator. Plug-ins are great (and I... Continue Reading →

Top three things I recommend a blogger

There is an interesting discussion over at "LinkedinBloggers" about the top three things you recommend a blogger. I got good recommendations and it made me think about what is important for me in a blog. Jason Alba from "JibberJobber" started out with this list: keeping it clean - don't make the readers search for your... Continue Reading →

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