It is a bold title but I have gathered links around this for a while and add some of my own comments along the way.

Brian Clark at Copyblogger writes about Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well which actually are four of Hemingway’s and one of Brian’s. Rule number one, Use short sentences, is worth keeping in mind. It does make the text more reader-friendly.

Skellie posts about “Little Words, Big Meaning”, your writing can be short (under 200 words) and still meaningful. I like shorter posts, if you got much to say about a topic then why not create a series of posts instead of one long.

Sarah Lewis at Blogging Expertise writes about “Four tips for structuring your blog articles”. Her fourth rule is what Hemingway said, Keep your Sentences Short. The other three are about making the post easier to read, web is different from paper.

Sarah Lewis also writes about “What makes a good blog post?”. I do not think all posts need to be laser-focused but I agree on linking to relevant information. For me that is added value, it gives more information if I want to go there.

Brian Clark at Copyblogger has a post about Three Ways to Spice Up Any Blog Post. I think the final comment, Develop a Distinctive Voice, is important. Confidence in your own style might not be asy to find but

While you’ll always want to keep pushing your boundaries, a writer who is comfortable and confident in her own style naturally ends up an effective writer.

Joanna Young at Confident Writing writes about How to be a total reader magnet: pulling the readers that you want. Guess what, short sentences are mentioned here too.

Skellie posts over at DailyBlogTips about 10 Tips for Writing Bookmarkable Content.

Michael Martin at Pro Blog Design lists 30 Ways to Improve Readability. The list is a mix of design tips at blog level and tips that are relevant to posts.

I round it off with Use These 10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever from Daily Blog Tips.

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