Speaker at Øredev 2009, the video

In November 2009 I made a presentation at Øredev. The video of my presentation is now up on the Øredev site: Project success by helping project members realize their full potential. The video is also on Vimeo. The video is 44 minutes long, first half is my presentation and the second half is Q&A.

Dan North on Our Obsession with Efficiency

When browsing Øredev's videos from the 2009 conference I found another one that interests me. Dan North talks about Our Obsession with Efficiency. The description says: So here's the thing, I don't believe in efficiency. It's our obsession with efficiency that has got us into the current technology mess, and which has led almost directly... Continue Reading →

Øredev 2009 is over

I was at Øredev 2009 November 2-6 and it was a terrific conference with lots of interesting presentations and around 900 attending. It was well organized and I really enjoyed it all. On Monday I attended a full day tutorial with Marc Lesser. On Tuesday I prepared the slides for my own presentation. In the... Continue Reading →

Aspects of Leadership at Øredev 2009

Thursday November 5 was the second day of Øredev 2009. I followed the track Aspects of Leadership which had this desciption: Leadership is a fine balance between drive and the capability to efficiently and humanely manage people. The speakers invited to speak on this track have extensive experience of leadership in many different organizations and... Continue Reading →

PM in Practice at Øredev 2009

Wednesday November 4 was the start of Øredev 2009. I decided to join the track PM in Practice which had this desciption: Project Management is about identifying and building effective relationships with the key people and groups on which project success depends. Project Managers focus on two sets of responsibilities; managing the team and ensuring... Continue Reading →

Marc Lesser at Øredev 2009

On November 2nd I attended a full day tutorial with Marc Lesser at Øredev 2009. The tutorial had the title Accomplishing More By Doing Less and the program was this: Marc will present tools and practices for integrating mindfulness practice and emotional intelligence as a way to develop leadership ability, create more meaning in our... Continue Reading →

Speaker at Øredev 2009

I am scheduled to speak at Øredev 2009, an IT Conference for Sharing Knowledge. Øredev is the premier conference in Europe focused on the software development process. Nearly 1000 programmers, developers, engineers, educators, testers and managers gather to share their knowledge and experience. My presentation is scheduled on November 5 in the track Aspects of... Continue Reading →

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