We all have an inner child

I found the video Everyone has a child inside in my Facebok stream. It's a lovely idea of caring for our inner child. Video: baby & me Watch the video below or on YouTube at baby&me.

Letter from a mother

A friend of mine on Facebook tagged me in the photo below and to the letter in Spanish. Later a French translation turned up in that thread and I have found an English version. That letter strikes a cord in me, it could have been written by my mother to me. We're in that phase... Continue Reading →

True love

I came across a blog called Sri Chinmoy Inspiration which is a blog on Self improvement written by Tejvan Pettinger and where I found several interesting posts. The post about How to distinguish between love and emotional dependence is great, I like this part: True love means loving people for who they are, not trying... Continue Reading →

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