The cracked pot

I got this classic story from a friend, it's great and makes us see cracks and flaws in a different way. A water bearer in China had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which he carried across his neck. One pot had a crack in it, while the other pot... Continue Reading →

The Seven Generations Perspective

Vattenfall has been awarded the Climate Greenwash Awards 2009, probably not an award they desired. Swedish energy company Vattenfall is a master of spin when it comes to climate change, portraying itself as a climate champion while lobbying to continue business as usual, using coal, nuclear power, and pseudo-solutions such as agrofuels and carbon capture... Continue Reading →

Change your thoughts

It is only by changing our thoughts that we can start to improve our lives. Source The Female Mind My comment: We need to change how we feel about things too.

Spend your time wisely

I came across this quote which has a message worth considering: When you’re lying on your death bed, you won’t wish you spent more hours in the office.Robin Sharma This was originally posted at Forty Plus Two, another blog of mine.

My Best Year Yet 2009

I have been working with the book Your Best Year Yet - The 10 questions that will change your life forever and figured I should put my result on my blog. Two reasons for that, putting pressure on myself and hopefully to inspire others to work with that book. My guidelines • Trust my heart... Continue Reading →

Your Best Year Yet

This review is about Your Best Year Yet - The 10 questions that will change your life forever, written by Jinny Ditzler. I came across this book since it should be the topic for a breakfast seminar at CoachCompanion. The book felt right and I ordered the book at once, before being at the seminar.... Continue Reading →

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