Create your own short url using Shorty

A week ago @ConversationAge and I twittered about tiny-URL type links. I said "building a link collection in a smarter way means having your own link profile" and that made me research the possibility of hosting my own short URL-library. At MakeUseOf I found Advantages of creating a short URL with your domain name which... Continue Reading →

Firefox and add-ons

I use Firefox as my standard web browser. Firefox is great as is but there are many add-ons that adds useful features. Here are the add-ons that I use. All-in-One Sidebar lets you switch between bookmarks, add-ons andmore in the sidebar panel. Cookie Monster is a great add-on that provides proactive cookie management on a... Continue Reading →

Color Scheme Designer

I found a very useful site through Twitter, @mayhemstudios posted about Color Scheme Designer. I always find it tricky to get colors that look great together, now there is help. Combine Color Scheme Design with using Pixie colour picker.

Pixie colour picker

If you ever wonder which colors that are used at a website or blog then Pixie is the tool for you. Pixie is an easy-to-use, fast and tiny utility designed especially to fit the needs of Webmasters and Designers. Its a colour picker that includes a mouse tracker. Run it, simply point to a colour... Continue Reading →

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