The Saint The Surfer And The CEO is the third book by Robin Sharma that I have read. This book is about a person’s three final questions:

  • Did I live wisely?
  • Did I love well?
  • Did I serve greatly?

These questions are dealt with while the book’s main character spends time with the saint, the surfer and the CEO.

In the CEO-section of the book is a part about choosing how we live every moment of our days. I picked a sentence from there and printed it in large letters, placing it where I see it every day. Is what I am doing in this instant the best use of my time and talent? It makes me think twice and use my time better than before.

I am the kind of person that underlines and make notes while I read, this book has a lot that I found worth marking. As the book says, “For my life to change, I must change”. This book helps me change.

This was originally posted at another (now extinct) blog of mine.