BBC has an interesting article about Sex cues ruin men’s decisiveness. It might not be a big surprise though that catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man’s decision-making skills into disarray. The more testosterone he has, the stronger the effect, according to work by Belgian researchers.

Men about to play a financial game were shown images of sexy women or lingerie. The study found they were more likely to accept unfair offers than men not been exposed to the alluring images.The suggestion is that the sexual cues distract the men’s thoughts, preventing them from focusing on their task – particularly among those with high natural testosterone levels.

Dr George Fieldman, principal lecturer in psychology at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, said the study confirmed what had been suspected by many. “If a man is being asked to choose between something being presented by an attractive woman and an ugly man, they might not be as dispassionate as they could be.”

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