It is that time of the year again. A year break is a good time to look back at what went right (or wrong) and to plan ahead. I have set my goals for 2008, divided into personal ones and professional ones. They are about changes I want to make, what is already working will hopefully continue to do so.

My professional goals are these:

1. Organize and simplify
Zen To Done is a simple system to get you more organized and productive, and keep your life saner and less stressed. Even though it is a simple system it is about changing habits. My goal is to have all ten habits in place by the end of 2008. Since it takes about a month to make a new habit stick there are work to be done. I have already started on some of the habits, read more here. And here is about Turning 2008 into 80-20.

2. Coaching
During the fall I took an ICF certified coach training and got my diploma on November 29. Coaching starts out as a sidekick but my goal for 2008 is to turn my coaching into a viable business.

3. Networking
I have a profile at XING and a profile at LinkedIn. My goal for 2008 is to make my network more active. Plus that I intend to strengthen my real life network, people I can meet.

My personal goals are these:

1. Staying inquisitive
Being curious is what keeps me going and a great way to learn new things. It works today and for next year I will keep in mind not to let it slip because there are much else to do.

2. Exercise more
I do ten minutes of yoga every morning and do walk often, for instance at lunch on workdays. My goal for 2008 is to add more yoga, most likely at home, to walk more and also walk more out in the nature.

3. Eat healthier
It started to change under 2007. Next year I want it to get even better.

My horoscope at Google says this today:

You could be tempted to overlook current responsibilities in order to put your grandiose schemes into play. Sure, this can mean fun, but don’t jump into the fire until you are sure what you’ll do when it gets hot.

I think I will opt for a nice mix of Life, plans and opportunities.

Note: Photo by Peter Kaminski.

This was originally posted at another (now extinct) blog of mine.