Baseball does have some similarities to life. In life or baseball you have to do similar things to win.

1. You have to play the game. Philosophizing about it on the sidelines doesn’t accomplish anything.

2. You have to take your foot off first base and risk being thrown out to advance.

3. Swing away! People remember how many times you hit the ball out of the park. They don’t care how many times you struck out.

4. Nobody bats a thousand. It’s a game of percentages.

5. A perfect game is thrown one good pitch at a time. It’s the accumulation of many small things done well that gets you in the hall of fame.

6. When you do connect, touch all of the bases on your way around. You wouldn’t want to miss anything

7. Have some fun. In the end it’s all a game.

(Source unknown but I like the text.)

This was originally posted at Forty Plus Two, another blog of mine.