Katie in love (review)

It’s funny how we can find great books. I was going from author website to author website one day and ended up at Chloe Thurlow. I started reading her blog and was hooked by her way of writing. That lead me to order Chloe’s latest book “Katie in love” and as you can see in the review below I really love that book.

My review of Katie in love

Katie meets Tom at a New Year’s Eve party. Their first meeting leads to much more, life changes for both of them. The book tells the story of their romance and gives glimpses into Katie´s past. At first glance Katie and Tom have nothing in common, during the book they find a shared passion not only for each other. It’s a great story about how love makes unexpected people connect and dare to ride on the current love creates, even when the future is unknown.

Chloe Thurlow is marvelous with words. Sometimes she paints detailed pictures, you really feel as if you’re there (a fly on the wall). At other times she paints in broader strokes to carry the story forward. I love the way the book is written.

To me the hallmark of a really great book is that it awakens something in me, that it makes me think and feel. Katie in love did that.

Don’t let the label erotic scare you off, it’s a great romantic novel including some erotic scenes.

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  1. Chloe Thurlow

    My comment is just a thank you for the well-constructed and generous review.

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