Marion Chapsal, who helped me prepare my presentation at Øredev 2009, has posted about How to Give a “Presentation ZEN”. She mentions my book review, Presentation Zen is a great book.

Marion links to an older post in her blog, The Naked Speaker, which is really interesting. It’s about what happens when technology fails and presenting without slides, “naked” in the sense that it’s all about you.

Marion links to Make your next presentation naked at the Presentation Zen blog. That post has a lot of useful information, what stuck with me is this part:

try to share, help, inspire, teach, inform, guide, persuade, motivate

The intention with my presentation about coaching at Øredev 2009 was to share, inspire and motivate. Half of the time was presenting, the other half was questions and answers. I prefer the Q&A part since it becomes a conversation, it’s more interacting with your audience.