Dan Schawbel with his Personal Branding Blog has created Road to Me 2.0: Free 52 Page Complete Blogging Guide! Dan writes:

If someone asked me how I became successful in the past two and a half years, I would point to this blog, without even bothering to mention anything else. After writing about the process of going from a beginner to intermediate to advanced and then expert blogger, I wanted to create a single resource for you to have all of this information in a simple and consumable format.

The guide goes from beginner to expert:

1. Beginner
* Learn the basics to jumpstart your blog
* RSS, widgets, Technorati, posting, logo & theme

2. Intermediate
* Formatting, pictures, links & pages
* Forum, email and comment marketing

3. Advanced
* Blog hosting, custom themes & plugins
* Social network integration & SEO

4. Expert
* Podcasting, lifestreaming and mailing lists
* Make money blogging and more!