The book Accomplishing More by Doing Less by Marc Lesser is a collection of tools as well as a manual for doing more of what is important and less of what isn’t. It’s a great book and it made me think of what matters when it comes to my blogs.

I love to write but I am no longer keen on maintaining more blogs than really needed. A self-hosted WordPress blog requires maintenance, work behind the scen. My solution is that I cut down on the number of blogs I have plus use Posterous for some of my content.

Forty Plus Two will be discontinued, new posts will appear here in Bengt’s Notes which will be my main blog in English. I will gradually transfer older posts from Forty Plus Two to this blog.

Forty Plus Two focused on coaching and personal development plus some on related topics such as networking, business, job and career. They will continue here at Bengt’s Notes. Side topics like blogging and WordPress continue at Bengt’s posterous.

Under Archives is a description of what’s covered in this blog. My sites shows the whole picture, what do I cover where.