Chi Running and Chi Walking is an interesting concept.

In Chi Living, Chi Running and Chi Walking basic principles of T’ai Chi are employed to optimize the flow of energy in your body, to reduce the use of force for moving forward, and thereby reduce the risk of injury, while maximizing the benefits of healthy movement and healthy living.

I’m interested in Eastern philosophies and concepts such as Chi. Mixing principles of Tai Chi with running and walking is something I intend to learn more about.

Video: ChiRunning Simplified!

There’s an interesting statement in the video: Running is a controlled fall.

ChiRunning® (“chee-running”) and ChiWalking® apply simple principles of biomechanics, physics and nature to running and walking … which increase momentum and decrease resistance … for dramatic improvements in energy efficiency while reducing discomfort, recovery, aches/pains and injury. (From eChiFitness)

Source YouTube: ChiRunning Simplified!