BooksI love books, browsing book stores in real life is a pleasure. Despite that I’m not an avid collector with lots of book on shelves. I’m picky which books I buy, it has to click in some way. My favourite online book store is The Book Depository. They have free shipping to many countries, including mine, which makes it easy to order one book at a time.

I prefer printed books. In non-fiction books I make notes when I find something interesting. It happens in novels as well, when something in the text really strikes a chord. I have many unread printed books, piled in a book shelf and some of them on tables.

There are almost 150 books in my Kindle library, most of them unread. The Kindle books are mostly non-fiction but include some novels. I get interesting books when they are for free or at a really low price.

About ten books are ones that I have in my reading process. I prefer to have several books going instead of focusing on just one. Another thing is that I am an irregular reader. That will change. Blogging about my new books will help me improve my reading habits. My goal is to read daily and to have maximum three books running parallel.

There’s no rush in catching up with my unread books. I want to get better reading habits in order to get wiser, to learn from the books I’ve bought. It often turns out that I learn things from novels too. There always seems to be a reason why I read a specific book.