Today was the first day I let it slip and did not post anything in Blogg100 2014. I make that up by backdating a post.

Fail fast and cheap. Fail often. Fail in a way that doesn’t kill you.

In connection to a post on Facebook about blogging I found this comment:

I cringe at the thought of converting ideas in my head into words. But the more I read about writing, the more I realize I need to just get over the fear and feel some pain to allow the magic to happen.

That’s highly relevant for me. I need to push through, write for the sake of writing and then publish in order to fail fast and often. Failing on my own blogs are for free, all it takes is actually to publish.

Update Blogg100 didn’t work for me, I missed several days and then quit. I got to find other ways that keep me blogging.