I got the CD Beyond from a close friend of mine. The website is at Beyond Singing – Buddhist and Christian Prayers. The main site is in German but there is an English version. The site has a Flash-player so you can listen to short pieces of the songs there.

The CD contains a spiritual message by Tina Turner (inspired by Deepak Chopra and RUMI), the full message can be read at her fansite BEYOND. Here is the beginning of Tina’s message:

Nothing lasts forever, nobody lives forever. The Flower dries and dies, the winter passes and spring comes. Embrace the circle of life: That is the greatest love. Go beyond the fear. Don’t give in to the insistence of fear, anger and vengeance and thou shall be beyond the fear, where love grows and thrives. To be liberated means to really feel yourself. Start each day like the birds singing. Singing helps you beyond, far, further, more and more.

It’s amazing how well the Buddhist and Christian prayers blend, it’s a real pleasure to listen to. Beyond creates a sense of peace and calm.