For a longer time I’ve wanted to write a book. Several people have told me I ought to share what I know. The catch is that what I’ve written so far is purely for my own pleasure and nothing to share. Now things change – for the better. I have a partner in crime, we intend to create the book together. We’re in the same business, helping people change and develop, and we work on our own change and development as well.

There’s no deadline set but we’re intent on keeping a steady pace. Since we’re in the beginning of our book project it’s still more of bouncing topics and ideas than actually writing. The introduction, still a draft, looks like this:

The book is written with a very small audience – ourselves. At the same time, we know that the book is relevant to many more. When we now share the book with others, the goal is that the book will provide both inspiration and insights. We want the book to lead to reflection. Above all, we want to inspire and motivate you the reader to make the changes that you want to do.

The book is based on our own personal and spiritual development, supplemented by experiences of working with clients. It is a sometimes meandering journey between different subjects and problems and joys. We have done our best to avoid lecturing and platitudes. Where relevant, we have tips and tools so that you as readers have the opportunity to gain practical utility of the book.

Drafts and snippets will be posted in my blogs. That means here at Bengt’s Notes as well as at Bengt Wendel (Swedish), GRS Mentor (English), GRS Mentor (Swedish) and at The Mental Leap.

If the stuff that you're writing is not for yourself, it won't work. - Stephen King