The way is in the heart

My yogateacher Cristiaana had an event on New Years Eve with a speech and yoga class. All of us also got an affirmation, she had written different ones and put them in envelopes that we got at random. I got this affirmation: The way is not in the sky, The way is in the heart.... Continue Reading →

Sat Nam

Today my yoga teacher talked about Sat Nam, an interesting topic which makes me understand why she called her website "Truth is your identity". Wikipedia said this about Sat Nam: In Sanskrit, "sat" means "truth" and "nam" means "identity". There are many differing interpretations when you put the two together - some websites have given... Continue Reading →

Past lives, Consciousness and Oneness

Tom Stine has an interesting blog called "Living from Consciousness" which "has as its primary focus the never ending journey of awakening to our true nature as pure consciousness". There are interesting posts and great discussions in the comment sections. Tom wrote Past Lives Ain’t What They Used To Be, about past lives or reincarnation.... Continue Reading →

Zen and me

This is a short introduction to Zen and me. I have no formal Zen training, I have arrived at Zen along a different path. Much in Zen matches my own experiences which is why I use Zen as a reference. There are Hardcore Zen and Zen Lite. Over at I found What is Zen?... Continue Reading →

What is Zen?

I have read the book What is Zen? by Alan Watts. The book contains a selection of Alan's talks and the four parts are about: • A simple way, A difficult way • Zen reconsidered • Space • Zen mind I like the book, it is easy to read yet it makes you think and... Continue Reading →

The 5-minute Meditator

I have finished a book written by Eric Harrison and titled The 5-minute Meditator, I like it a lot. It is the perfect book for people who 'have no time to meditate'. The book has about a dozen 'spot meditations' lasting from half a minute to five minutes. Short meditations are just as effective as... Continue Reading →

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior

I was recommended to watch the Peaceful Warrior movie (IMDB) which has a site of its own at The Peaceful Warrior. The plot can be found at Wikipedia. I decided to instead get the book the movie is based on, "Way Of The Peaceful Warrior". The author Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete,... Continue Reading →

Zen and the Art of Harmonica

While surfing around for harmonica information I came across David Harp and an article at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. The article is titled Zen and the Art of Harmonica which sounds really interesting to me. This means I can combine my new harmonica with my interest in meditation and mindfulness. The article starts... Continue Reading →

The Buddhist Hotdog Vendor

A Buddhist approaches a hotdog vendor and says: "Make me one with everything." He gives the vendor a $20 bill and waits. Finally he says: "Where's my change?" Says the vendor: "All change must come from within."

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