I was at Øredev 2009 November 2-6 and it was a terrific conference with lots of interesting presentations and around 900 attending. It was well organized and I really enjoyed it all.

On Monday I attended a full day tutorial with Marc Lesser.

On Tuesday I prepared the slides for my own presentation. In the evening it was Speaker’s Dinner at Rådhuset. Great people, great food and an impressive house.

On Wednesday I attended the track PM in Practice.

On Thursday I attended the track Aspects of Leadership where my own presentation was. In the evening we got an entertaining presentation by Ze Frank (an American online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker).

On Friday I spent some hours at the conference and then went back home.

Note! In the Archives at the Øredev site are videos from previous years.

Note! The videos from Øredev 2009 are starting to show up.