Stop Being Productive and Enjoy Yourself

Leo Babauta has another great post over at Zen Habits, Get Less Done: Stop Being Productive and Enjoy Yourself. There’s too much emphasis these days on productivity, on hyperefficiency, on squeezing the most production out of every last minute. People have forgotten how to relax. How to be lazy. How to enjoy life. Productivity is... Continue Reading →

WriteMonkey text editor

Through Another Fantastic Full Screen Text Editor I found WriteMonkey. It says: Zenware for full screen distraction free creative writing. No whistles and bells, just empty screen, you and your words. WriteMonkey is light, fast, and perfectly handy for those who enjoy the simplicity of a typewriter but live in modern times. I downloaded WriteMonkey... Continue Reading →

Wordle, create word clouds

I found Wordle through Lifehacker. Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use... Continue Reading →

Facebook and vanity links

Facebook has finally realized that so called vanity links are better than their old version. My old Facebook link is My new vanity style link which makes more sense is To create your vanity link just log in to your Facebook account and then go to Facebook username. Read more: Facebook Username Rush... Continue Reading →

Images, favicons and some text

When searching for images for my blogs I use Flickr Creative Commons (free if source is given) and iStockphoto where you buy the right to use images. For more sources, see 100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images. A favicon (also known as a website icon, shortcut icon, url icon, or bookmark icon) is a... Continue Reading →

Q10 text editor

Maki, @doshdosh, tweeted about Q10 text editor. It's freeware and Q10 says it is "a simple but powerful text editor designed and built with writers in mind". There are several interesting features but what hooked me is this: Perfectly portable. A single self-contained executable file. That’s all. Easy to use with a pendrive, so you... Continue Reading →


Alltop has been around for a while, collecting news and feeds. They label themselves as an “online magazine rack” of popular topics. Just a few of their pages: news from CNN, news from the BBC, news from the New York Times and news from Newsweek. Alltop has now launched MyAlltop which gives you the possibility... Continue Reading →

Social Notworking

A new definition popped up in a tweet by @nwjerseyliz: "Social Notworking"The practice of spending time unproductively on social-networking websites, especially when one should be working.

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