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Sustainable Housing? Try Shipping Containers

I came across an interesting article at Fast Company, So You Want Sustainable Housing? Try Shipping Containers. It’s about a Dutch startup converting used shipping containers into off-the-shelf, off-the-grid dwellings.

Dutch startup Sustainer Homes is attempting to eliminate at least some of the difficulty by producing the world’s first off-the-shelf, zero-impact dwelling. Set in a converted shipping container, the 323-square-foot space includes a bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, and living room, all constructed from wood-free, Ecoboard panels. The entire thing costs $78,000, approximately $1,300 of which would be made up annually in heat and electricity savings. And because it’s completely self-contained, it can be shipped anywhere and set up in minutes.

Sustainer Homes writes this:

In the world of tomorrow, with its rising rents, sprawling cities, and dwindling resources, we’ll need housing that is much more independent, flexible, and sustainable than anything offered on the housing market of today. Sustainer Homes builds the world’s first fully off-grid, sustainable, and mobile container homes that require no sacrifices in living comfort. We believe we have designed a home of the future.

Pop-Up Houses

I really like the concept behind PopUp Houses as well as the houses.

A simple concept: Build an entire building (floor, walls, ceiling) by assembling insulation blocks separated by wooden boards.

Rapid Installation. Use of lightweight materials. No special tools required, assembles like Lego.

Low Cost. Inexpensive materials. Very short assembly time.

Recyclable. Use of recyclable materials. Quick disassembly.

Outstanding Insulation. No thermal bridge at wall ceiling junctions. Almost no additional heating required.

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