Geronimo Leadership Coaching

Marion Chapsal, who has been my speaker’s coach and mentor, has a great blog at Geronimo Leadership Coaching. The aim of this blog is to help you create your unique Leadership and Communication experience for 2010 and beyond! What could you do NOW to make 2010 the year you deliver outstanding presentations and develop your […]

Dilbert and PowerPoint Presentations

Over at PowerPointNinja is Dilbert on PowerPoint Presentations, a collection of Dilbert cartoons that deals with PowerPoint and presentations. It’s an amusing and interesting way of showing problems in connection with the use of PowerPoint. There are cartoons on issues such as PowerPoint Poisoning, Presentation Ego, PowerPoint Disability, Boring Presentation and the power of Pie […]

A Speaker’s Coach and Mentor

While preparing for my assignment as Speaker at Øredev 2009 I got help from Marion Chapsal who acted as speaker’s coach and mentor. Marion switched between being a coach (encourage, challenge and support) and being a mentor (give advice, share experience and knowledge) depending on what was needed. She guided and supported me through my […]

Presentation Zen is a great book

I have read Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds. It’s a beautiful book in itself and terrific when it comes to its topic. The book gives lots of examples, it is inspriring and very well written. Presentation Zen is the kind of book one returns to for reference as […]

Presentation Tips

Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen, has created a page with Presentation Tips on his own site. The tips are three main areas: Organization and Preparation, Delivery and Slides. There are also Samples and Tutorials. Olivia Mitchell at Speaking about Presenting has created a collection of her Best Posts to help you with every aspect of your […]

Slide design: Living large

While browsing around at Presentation Zen I came across Living large: “Takahashi Method” uses king-sized text as a visual. Takahashi uses only text in his slides. But not just any text — really big text. Huge text. Characters of impressive proportion which rarely number more than ten, usually fewer. The goal, he says, is to […]

Slide design: No bullet points

Lifehacker writes about Take your PowerPoint slides Beyond Bullet Points where it says that Bullet points on a screen make information harder to understand, not easier. In PowerPoint slide design – the basics Olivia Mitchell focuses on design tips for the Assertion-Evidence format. At the top of the slide is a simple sentence which expresses […]

Presentation Zen

A great site about professional presentation design is Garr Reynold’s blog Presentation Zen. He has a beautiful style, an Asian touch, which is elegant and powerful. I subscribe to the blog and will refer to several of Garr’s blog posts in my Presentation category. I have bought his book ‘Presentation Zen’ and will post a […]

Speaking about Presenting

I really like Olivia Mitchell’s site Speaking about Presenting which has this introduction: The aim of this blog is to help you with your next presentation. You find: – Helpful articles to help you with every aspect of your next presentation – Reviews of books and blogs on presentations and public speaking – Analysis of […]