Sharpen your axe

I was going through my notes from a seminar with Steve Schiffman called "Always be closing." One thing Steve mentioned was "You must sharpen your axe!" which lead me to search for the story that goes with that phrase. I found two different ones. John, a woodcutter, worked for a Company for five years but... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock Timer

Tick Tock Timer is a very nice online timer. It runs in your web browser, if you can live with that it's a really useful timer. It's useful whether you use the Pomodoro Technique or not. Set the Tick Tock Timer and then focus on one thing. Read your email, read news, write a blog... Continue Reading →

Stop Being Productive and Enjoy Yourself

Leo Babauta has another great post over at Zen Habits, Get Less Done: Stop Being Productive and Enjoy Yourself. There’s too much emphasis these days on productivity, on hyperefficiency, on squeezing the most production out of every last minute. People have forgotten how to relax. How to be lazy. How to enjoy life. Productivity is... Continue Reading →

What’s in your Personality Zoo?

Alex Fayle has a really interesting post today, Taming the Voices in the Personality Zoo. It describes a fun and really useful way to sort out what stops us from achieving what we want. By assigning each piece of resistance a personality, I can diffuse the internal argument by recognizing the emotion attached to the... Continue Reading →

The jar of life – stones, pebbles and sand

This is a classic story which unfortunately mentions time management. But time management is a misnomer since time can not be managed. We can only manage ourselves, our attention and our priorities. One day, an old professor of the School of Public Management in France, was invited to lecture on the topic of “Efficient Time... Continue Reading →

Zen To Done

I have posted about Task management my way - pen and paper which gives me the basic tools and a simple system. What I needed in order to achieve my own goals was a philosophy that works for me. I have tried GTD but found it too complex for my needs. Then I came across... Continue Reading →

The back-to-paper movement

Part one in this mini-series is Be productive using pen and paper. I continued my reading and went to Why techies are leading the back-to-paper movement. This is an excellent article by Douglas Johnston of DIY Planner. Since I already am using pen and paper I am not really part of the back-to-paper movement but... Continue Reading →

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